What clothing should pick up girls with broad shoulders?

August 6, 2011

clothes broad shoulders
How do you determine that you have broad shoulders? Many say that if the girl’s shoulders wider than hips, then it can be called broad-shouldered. But often, such a figure – the result of intense athletic training (eg, swimming), which develop the muscles of the shoulders. However, even if your hips are wider than shoulders, the shoulders can be visually more noticeable if you thin and you have small breasts. In this case, your figure becomes visually inverted triangle in which the broad shoulders come to the fore.

How then to balance the right figure? What clothing should pick up girls with broad shoulders, to hide this flaw? The main secret: you just need to choose clothes that will make your broad shoulders proportionate relative to the entire figure as a whole and allow them to look more feminine and elegant. To learn how to do this, read on us!
girls broad sholders
Tip number 1: cut-outs for girls with broad shoulders

Girls with broad shoulders is recommended to select clothes with a V-shaped or U-shaped cut – the cut already, the sleeker look your shoulders.

Cutout neckline is also useful – it will distract attention from the broad shoulders.

Tops and dresses with a noose around your neck again visually make your shoulders are smaller – this option is especially important on holiday and you should replace the clothing with thin straps.

Another secret that can be used at any time, to divert attention from the broad shoulders – to tie a scarf around your neck, it is best if it is marked with a bright pattern.
Sleeves for girls
Tip number 2: Sleeves for girls with broad shoulders

Girls with broad shoulders should not wear clothing with sleeves in the form of cups, sleeves, lantern sleeves with ruffles or flounces and – they only draw attention to your shoulders.

Raglan sleeves, and sleeves like a kimono sleeves and loose style “bat”, on the contrary, will make softer and sleeker silhouette.

If you have inflated your hands and broad shoulders, it is best not to wear Shirts and tops with a closed throat and without sleeves – a visual style make-and-shoulders, arms and cumbersome.
clothing broad shoulders
Tip number 3: fashion styles for girls with broad shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, the choice of clothing style literate remember, you must make to divert attention from the shoulders and visually divide the shape into equal proportional parts.

When choosing a dress or skirt, Try to focus was on the bottom of things – it can be complex folds or bright picture, and the top, there may be in the form of an ordinary shirt.

Openwork tights – Not home, but important detail in your image, which will also help move the view down.

Blouses and dresses with narrow waists visually balance the shape of an hourglass, but things high-waisted, which expand already under the breast, by contrast, break proportions.

Visually, the broad shoulders to make less visible and can help in several layers of clothes – a plain white shirt, and over it – a vest or cardigan, sleeveless dark.
clothes horizontal stripes
Tip number 4: that the clothes do not wear, if you have broad shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, a garment avoid Tops with thin straps, and divers Shirts with wide collars.

When choosing jacket or cardigan girls with broad shoulders should give preference to extended models, and never buy short cardigans or jackets that end just below the chest – this clothing will make your figure in an inverted triangle.

Also to be avoided Clothing in broad horizontal stripes, and not to buy tank tops or dresses with decorations on the shoulders of a shoulder strap, these details only draw attention to the broad shoulders, but do not balance the figure.

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